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PgStat_Msg Union Reference

#include <pgstat.h>

Data Fields

PgStat_MsgHdr msg_hdr
PgStat_MsgDummy msg_dummy
PgStat_MsgInquiry msg_inquiry
PgStat_MsgTabstat msg_tabstat
PgStat_MsgTabpurge msg_tabpurge
PgStat_MsgDropdb msg_dropdb
PgStat_MsgResetcounter msg_resetcounter
PgStat_MsgResetsharedcounter msg_resetsharedcounter
PgStat_MsgResetsinglecounter msg_resetsinglecounter
PgStat_MsgAutovacStart msg_autovacuum_start
PgStat_MsgVacuum msg_vacuum
PgStat_MsgAnalyze msg_analyze
PgStat_MsgArchiver msg_archiver
PgStat_MsgBgWriter msg_bgwriter
PgStat_MsgFuncstat msg_funcstat
PgStat_MsgFuncpurge msg_funcpurge
PgStat_MsgRecoveryConflict msg_recoveryconflict
PgStat_MsgDeadlock msg_deadlock
PgStat_MsgTempFile msg_tempfile
PgStat_MsgChecksumFailure msg_checksumfailure

Detailed Description

Definition at line 551 of file pgstat.h.

Field Documentation

◆ msg_analyze

PgStat_MsgAnalyze PgStat_Msg::msg_analyze

Definition at line 564 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_archiver

PgStat_MsgArchiver PgStat_Msg::msg_archiver

Definition at line 565 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_autovacuum_start

PgStat_MsgAutovacStart PgStat_Msg::msg_autovacuum_start

Definition at line 562 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_bgwriter

PgStat_MsgBgWriter PgStat_Msg::msg_bgwriter

Definition at line 566 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_checksumfailure

PgStat_MsgChecksumFailure PgStat_Msg::msg_checksumfailure

Definition at line 572 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_deadlock

PgStat_MsgDeadlock PgStat_Msg::msg_deadlock

Definition at line 570 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_dropdb

PgStat_MsgDropdb PgStat_Msg::msg_dropdb

Definition at line 558 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_dummy

PgStat_MsgDummy PgStat_Msg::msg_dummy

Definition at line 554 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_funcpurge

PgStat_MsgFuncpurge PgStat_Msg::msg_funcpurge

Definition at line 568 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_funcstat

PgStat_MsgFuncstat PgStat_Msg::msg_funcstat

Definition at line 567 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_hdr

PgStat_MsgHdr PgStat_Msg::msg_hdr

Definition at line 553 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_inquiry

PgStat_MsgInquiry PgStat_Msg::msg_inquiry

Definition at line 555 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_recoveryconflict

PgStat_MsgRecoveryConflict PgStat_Msg::msg_recoveryconflict

Definition at line 569 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_resetcounter

PgStat_MsgResetcounter PgStat_Msg::msg_resetcounter

Definition at line 559 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_resetsharedcounter

PgStat_MsgResetsharedcounter PgStat_Msg::msg_resetsharedcounter

Definition at line 560 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_resetsinglecounter

PgStat_MsgResetsinglecounter PgStat_Msg::msg_resetsinglecounter

Definition at line 561 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_tabpurge

PgStat_MsgTabpurge PgStat_Msg::msg_tabpurge

Definition at line 557 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_tabstat

PgStat_MsgTabstat PgStat_Msg::msg_tabstat

Definition at line 556 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_tempfile

PgStat_MsgTempFile PgStat_Msg::msg_tempfile

Definition at line 571 of file pgstat.h.

◆ msg_vacuum

PgStat_MsgVacuum PgStat_Msg::msg_vacuum

Definition at line 563 of file pgstat.h.

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