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1 /*
2  * variable.h
3  * Routines for handling specialized SET variables.
4  *
5  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2022, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
6  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
7  *
8  * src/include/commands/variable.h
9  */
10 #ifndef VARIABLE_H
11 #define VARIABLE_H
13 #include "utils/guc.h"
16 extern bool check_datestyle(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
17 extern void assign_datestyle(const char *newval, void *extra);
18 extern bool check_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
19 extern void assign_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra);
20 extern const char *show_timezone(void);
21 extern bool check_log_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
22 extern void assign_log_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra);
23 extern const char *show_log_timezone(void);
24 extern bool check_transaction_read_only(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
25 extern bool check_XactIsoLevel(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
26 extern bool check_transaction_deferrable(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
27 extern bool check_random_seed(double *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
28 extern void assign_random_seed(double newval, void *extra);
29 extern const char *show_random_seed(void);
30 extern bool check_client_encoding(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
31 extern void assign_client_encoding(const char *newval, void *extra);
32 extern bool check_session_authorization(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
33 extern void assign_session_authorization(const char *newval, void *extra);
34 extern bool check_role(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
35 extern void assign_role(const char *newval, void *extra);
36 extern const char *show_role(void);
38 #endif /* VARIABLE_H */
#define newval
Definition: guc.h:105
static rewind_source * source
Definition: pg_rewind.c:81
void assign_session_authorization(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:803
bool check_transaction_deferrable(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:562
const char * show_timezone(void)
Definition: variable.c:382
void assign_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:373
bool check_role(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:825
const char * show_log_timezone(void)
Definition: variable.c:455
bool check_session_authorization(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:744
bool check_transaction_read_only(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:486
bool check_XactIsoLevel(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:525
void assign_client_encoding(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:698
void assign_role(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:913
bool check_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:253
const char * show_random_seed(void)
Definition: variable.c:611
void assign_datestyle(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:236
void assign_random_seed(double newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:602
bool check_log_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:408
bool check_random_seed(double *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:590
const char * show_role(void)
Definition: variable.c:921
bool check_datestyle(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:44
bool check_client_encoding(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:622
void assign_log_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:446