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2 typedef unsigned char symbol;
4 /* Or replace 'char' above with 'short' for 16 bit characters.
6  More precisely, replace 'char' with whatever type guarantees the
7  character width you need. Note however that sizeof(symbol) should divide
8  HEAD, defined in header.h as 2*sizeof(int), without remainder, otherwise
9  there is an alignment problem. In the unlikely event of a problem here,
10  consult Martin Porter.
12 */
14 struct SN_env {
15  symbol * p;
16  int c; int l; int lb; int bra; int ket;
17  symbol * * S;
18  int * I;
19  unsigned char * B;
20 };
22 extern struct SN_env * SN_create_env(int S_size, int I_size, int B_size);
23 extern void SN_close_env(struct SN_env * z, int S_size);
25 extern int SN_set_current(struct SN_env * z, int size, const symbol * s);
symbol * p
Definition: api.h:15
void SN_close_env(struct SN_env *z, int S_size)
Definition: api.c:40
int * I
Definition: api.h:18
int ket
Definition: api.h:16
int bra
Definition: api.h:16
int c
Definition: api.h:16
struct SN_env * SN_create_env(int S_size, int I_size, int B_size)
Definition: api.c:3
symbol ** S
Definition: api.h:17
int lb
Definition: api.h:16
unsigned char * B
Definition: api.h:19
Definition: api.h:14
int l
Definition: api.h:16
int SN_set_current(struct SN_env *z, int size, const symbol *s)
Definition: api.c:58
unsigned char symbol
Definition: api.h:2