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be-gssapi-common.h File Reference
#include <gssapi/gssapi.h>
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void pg_GSS_error (const char *errmsg, OM_uint32 maj_stat, OM_uint32 min_stat)

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◆ pg_GSS_error()

void pg_GSS_error ( const char *  errmsg,
OM_uint32  maj_stat,
OM_uint32  min_stat 

Definition at line 75 of file be-gssapi-common.c.

References COMMERROR, ereport, errdetail_internal(), errmsg_internal(), and pg_GSS_error_int().

Referenced by be_gssapi_read(), be_gssapi_write(), CheckMD5Auth(), pg_GSS_read(), pg_GSS_write(), pqsecure_open_gss(), and secure_open_gssapi().

77 {
78  char msg_major[128],
79  msg_minor[128];
81  /* Fetch major status message */
82  pg_GSS_error_int(msg_major, sizeof(msg_major), maj_stat, GSS_C_GSS_CODE);
84  /* Fetch mechanism minor status message */
85  pg_GSS_error_int(msg_minor, sizeof(msg_minor), min_stat, GSS_C_MECH_CODE);
87  /*
88  * errmsg_internal, since translation of the first part must be done
89  * before calling this function anyway.
90  */
92  (errmsg_internal("%s", errmsg),
93  errdetail_internal("%s: %s", msg_major, msg_minor)));
94 }
int errdetail_internal(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: elog.c:1069
static void pg_GSS_error_int(char *s, size_t len, OM_uint32 stat, int type)
Definition: elog.h:30
#define ereport(elevel,...)
Definition: elog.h:157
int errmsg_internal(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: elog.c:996
int errmsg(const char *fmt,...)
Definition: elog.c:909