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compress_none.h File Reference
#include "compress_io.h"
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void InitCompressorNone (CompressorState *cs, const pg_compress_specification compression_spec)
void InitCompressFileHandleNone (CompressFileHandle *CFH, const pg_compress_specification compression_spec)

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◆ InitCompressFileHandleNone()

void InitCompressFileHandleNone ( CompressFileHandle CFH,
const pg_compress_specification  compression_spec 

Definition at line 200 of file compress_none.c.

202 {
203  CFH->open_func = open_none;
205  CFH->read_func = read_none;
206  CFH->write_func = write_none;
207  CFH->gets_func = gets_none;
208  CFH->getc_func = getc_none;
209  CFH->close_func = close_none;
210  CFH->eof_func = eof_none;
213  CFH->private_data = NULL;
214 }
static bool close_none(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static int getc_none(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static bool write_none(const void *ptr, size_t size, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static bool eof_none(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static char * gets_none(char *ptr, int size, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static bool open_write_none(const char *path, const char *mode, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static const char * get_error_none(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
static bool read_none(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t *rsize, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_none.c:87
static bool open_none(const char *path, int fd, const char *mode, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
bool(* open_write_func)(const char *path, const char *mode, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:122
const char *(* get_error_func)(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:181
bool(* write_func)(const void *ptr, size_t size, struct CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:139
int(* getc_func)(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:161
char *(* gets_func)(char *s, int size, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:152
bool(* eof_func)(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:168
bool(* open_func)(const char *path, int fd, const char *mode, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:111
bool(* close_func)(CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:175
bool(* read_func)(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t *rsize, CompressFileHandle *CFH)
Definition: compress_io.h:131

References CompressFileHandle::close_func, close_none(), CompressFileHandle::eof_func, eof_none(), CompressFileHandle::get_error_func, get_error_none(), CompressFileHandle::getc_func, getc_none(), CompressFileHandle::gets_func, gets_none(), CompressFileHandle::open_func, open_none(), CompressFileHandle::open_write_func, open_write_none(), CompressFileHandle::private_data, CompressFileHandle::read_func, read_none(), CompressFileHandle::write_func, and write_none().

Referenced by InitCompressFileHandle().

◆ InitCompressorNone()

void InitCompressorNone ( CompressorState cs,
const pg_compress_specification  compression_spec 

Definition at line 66 of file compress_none.c.

68 {
71  cs->end = EndCompressorNone;
73  cs->compression_spec = compression_spec;
74 }
static void EndCompressorNone(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs)
Definition: compress_none.c:56
static void WriteDataToArchiveNone(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs, const void *data, size_t dLen)
Definition: compress_none.c:49
static void ReadDataFromArchiveNone(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs)
Definition: compress_none.c:30
void(* readData)(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs)
Definition: compress_io.h:56
pg_compress_specification compression_spec
Definition: compress_io.h:82
void(* end)(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs)
Definition: compress_io.h:67
void(* writeData)(ArchiveHandle *AH, CompressorState *cs, const void *data, size_t dLen)
Definition: compress_io.h:61

References CompressorState::compression_spec, CompressorState::end, EndCompressorNone(), CompressorState::readData, ReadDataFromArchiveNone(), CompressorState::writeData, and WriteDataToArchiveNone().

Referenced by AllocateCompressor().