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EventTriggerQueryState Struct Reference

Data Fields

MemoryContext cxt
slist_head SQLDropList
bool in_sql_drop
Oid table_rewrite_oid
int table_rewrite_reason
bool commandCollectionInhibited
struct EventTriggerQueryStateprevious

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file event_trigger.c.

Field Documentation

◆ commandCollectionInhibited

◆ commandList

◆ currentCommand

◆ cxt

◆ in_sql_drop

bool EventTriggerQueryState::in_sql_drop

Definition at line 66 of file event_trigger.c.

Referenced by EventTriggerSQLDrop(), and pg_event_trigger_dropped_objects().

◆ previous

struct EventTriggerQueryState* EventTriggerQueryState::previous

Definition at line 78 of file event_trigger.c.

Referenced by EventTriggerEndCompleteQuery().

◆ SQLDropList

slist_head EventTriggerQueryState::SQLDropList

◆ table_rewrite_oid

Oid EventTriggerQueryState::table_rewrite_oid

Definition at line 69 of file event_trigger.c.

Referenced by EventTriggerTableRewrite(), and pg_event_trigger_table_rewrite_oid().

◆ table_rewrite_reason

int EventTriggerQueryState::table_rewrite_reason

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