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GetState Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * result_start
bool normalize_results
bool next_scalar
int npath
char ** path_names
int * path_indexes
int * array_cur_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file jsonfuncs.c.

Field Documentation

◆ array_cur_index

int* GetState::array_cur_index

◆ lex

◆ next_scalar

bool GetState::next_scalar

Definition at line 89 of file jsonfuncs.c.

Referenced by get_array_element_start(), get_object_field_start(), and get_scalar().

◆ normalize_results

bool GetState::normalize_results

◆ npath

int GetState::npath

◆ path_indexes

int* GetState::path_indexes

◆ path_names

char** GetState::path_names

Definition at line 91 of file jsonfuncs.c.

Referenced by get_object_field_end(), get_object_field_start(), and get_worker().

◆ pathok

◆ result_start

◆ tresult

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