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PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a Struct Reference

#include <plpgsql.h>

Data Fields

PLpgSQL_stmt_type cmd_type
int lineno
unsigned int stmtid
char * label
int varno
int slice

Detailed Description

Definition at line 746 of file plpgsql.h.

Field Documentation

◆ body

List* PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::body

Definition at line 755 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ cmd_type

PLpgSQL_stmt_type PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::cmd_type

Definition at line 748 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ expr

PLpgSQL_expr* PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::expr

Definition at line 754 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ label

char* PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::label

Definition at line 751 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ lineno

int PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::lineno

Definition at line 749 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ slice

int PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::slice

Definition at line 753 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ stmtid

unsigned int PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::stmtid

Definition at line 750 of file plpgsql.h.

◆ varno

int PLpgSQL_stmt_foreach_a::varno

Definition at line 752 of file plpgsql.h.

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