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ResourceOwnerData Struct Reference

Data Fields

ResourceOwner parent
ResourceOwner firstchild
ResourceOwner nextchild
const char * name
ResourceArray bufferarr
ResourceArray bufferioarr
ResourceArray catrefarr
ResourceArray catlistrefarr
ResourceArray relrefarr
ResourceArray planrefarr
ResourceArray tupdescarr
ResourceArray snapshotarr
ResourceArray filearr
ResourceArray dsmarr
ResourceArray jitarr
ResourceArray cryptohasharr
ResourceArray hmacarr
int nlocks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 115 of file resowner.c.

Field Documentation

◆ bufferarr

◆ bufferioarr

◆ catlistrefarr

◆ catrefarr

◆ cryptohasharr

◆ dsmarr

◆ filearr

◆ firstchild

ResourceOwner ResourceOwnerData::firstchild

◆ hmacarr

◆ jitarr

◆ locks


◆ name

◆ nextchild

ResourceOwner ResourceOwnerData::nextchild

◆ nlocks

int ResourceOwnerData::nlocks

◆ parent

ResourceOwner ResourceOwnerData::parent

◆ planrefarr

◆ relrefarr

◆ snapshotarr

◆ tupdescarr

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