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TSQueryParserStateData Struct Reference

Data Fields

ts_tokenizer gettoken
char * buffer
char * buf
int count
ts_parserstate state
char * op
char * curop
int lenop
int sumlen
TSVectorParseState valstate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file tsquery.c.

Field Documentation

◆ buf

char* TSQueryParserStateData::buf

Definition at line 85 of file tsquery.c.

Referenced by parse_or_operator(), and parse_phrase_operator().

◆ buffer

char* TSQueryParserStateData::buffer

Definition at line 84 of file tsquery.c.

◆ count

int TSQueryParserStateData::count

Definition at line 86 of file tsquery.c.

◆ curop

char* TSQueryParserStateData::curop

Definition at line 98 of file tsquery.c.

◆ escontext

Node* TSQueryParserStateData::escontext

Definition at line 106 of file tsquery.c.

Referenced by parse_phrase_operator(), parse_tsquery(), and tsqueryin().

◆ gettoken

ts_tokenizer TSQueryParserStateData::gettoken

Definition at line 81 of file tsquery.c.

◆ lenop

int TSQueryParserStateData::lenop

Definition at line 99 of file tsquery.c.

◆ op

char* TSQueryParserStateData::op

Definition at line 97 of file tsquery.c.

Referenced by infix().

◆ polstr

List* TSQueryParserStateData::polstr

Definition at line 91 of file tsquery.c.

◆ state

ts_parserstate TSQueryParserStateData::state

Definition at line 88 of file tsquery.c.

◆ sumlen

int TSQueryParserStateData::sumlen

Definition at line 100 of file tsquery.c.

◆ valstate

TSVectorParseState TSQueryParserStateData::valstate

Definition at line 103 of file tsquery.c.

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