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catcache Struct Reference

#include <catcache.h>

Data Fields

int id
int cc_nbuckets
TupleDesc cc_tupdesc
CCFastEqualFN cc_fastequal [CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]
int cc_keyno [CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]
int cc_nkeys
int cc_ntup
int cc_nlist
int cc_nlbuckets
const char * cc_relname
Oid cc_reloid
Oid cc_indexoid
bool cc_relisshared
slist_node cc_next
ScanKeyData cc_skey [CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file catcache.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cc_bucket

◆ cc_fastequal

CCFastEqualFN catcache::cc_fastequal[CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]

Definition at line 51 of file catcache.h.

Referenced by CatalogCacheCompareTuple(), and CatalogCacheInitializeCache().

◆ cc_hashfunc

CCHashFN catcache::cc_hashfunc[CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]

Definition at line 50 of file catcache.h.

Referenced by CatalogCacheComputeHashValue(), and CatalogCacheInitializeCache().

◆ cc_indexoid

Oid catcache::cc_indexoid

◆ cc_keyno

◆ cc_lbucket

dlist_head* catcache::cc_lbucket

◆ cc_nbuckets

◆ cc_next

slist_node catcache::cc_next

Definition at line 63 of file catcache.h.

Referenced by InitCatCache().

◆ cc_nkeys

◆ cc_nlbuckets

int catcache::cc_nlbuckets

◆ cc_nlist

int catcache::cc_nlist

◆ cc_ntup

int catcache::cc_ntup

◆ cc_relisshared

bool catcache::cc_relisshared

◆ cc_relname

◆ cc_reloid

◆ cc_skey

ScanKeyData catcache::cc_skey[CATCACHE_MAXKEYS]

Definition at line 64 of file catcache.h.

Referenced by CatalogCacheInitializeCache(), SearchCatCacheList(), and SearchCatCacheMiss().

◆ cc_tupdesc

◆ id

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