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core_yy_extra_type Struct Reference

#include <scanner.h>

Data Fields

char * scanbuf
Size scanbuflen
const ScanKeywordListkeywordlist
const uint16keyword_tokens
int backslash_quote
bool escape_string_warning
bool standard_conforming_strings
char * literalbuf
int literallen
int literalalloc
int state_before_str_stop
int xcdepth
char * dolqstart
YYLTYPE save_yylloc
int32 utf16_first_part
bool warn_on_first_escape
bool saw_non_ascii

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file scanner.h.

Field Documentation

◆ backslash_quote

int core_yy_extra_type::backslash_quote

Definition at line 87 of file scanner.h.

◆ dolqstart

char* core_yy_extra_type::dolqstart

Definition at line 107 of file scanner.h.

◆ escape_string_warning

bool core_yy_extra_type::escape_string_warning

Definition at line 88 of file scanner.h.

Referenced by fill_in_constant_lengths().

◆ keyword_tokens

const uint16* core_yy_extra_type::keyword_tokens

Definition at line 79 of file scanner.h.

◆ keywordlist

const ScanKeywordList* core_yy_extra_type::keywordlist

Definition at line 78 of file scanner.h.

◆ literalalloc

int core_yy_extra_type::literalalloc

Definition at line 100 of file scanner.h.

◆ literalbuf

char* core_yy_extra_type::literalbuf

Definition at line 98 of file scanner.h.

◆ literallen

int core_yy_extra_type::literallen

Definition at line 99 of file scanner.h.

◆ save_yylloc

YYLTYPE core_yy_extra_type::save_yylloc

Definition at line 108 of file scanner.h.

◆ saw_non_ascii

bool core_yy_extra_type::saw_non_ascii

Definition at line 115 of file scanner.h.

◆ scanbuf

char* core_yy_extra_type::scanbuf

◆ scanbuflen

Size core_yy_extra_type::scanbuflen

Definition at line 73 of file scanner.h.

◆ standard_conforming_strings

bool core_yy_extra_type::standard_conforming_strings

Definition at line 89 of file scanner.h.

◆ state_before_str_stop

int core_yy_extra_type::state_before_str_stop

Definition at line 105 of file scanner.h.

◆ utf16_first_part

int32 core_yy_extra_type::utf16_first_part

Definition at line 111 of file scanner.h.

◆ warn_on_first_escape

bool core_yy_extra_type::warn_on_first_escape

Definition at line 114 of file scanner.h.

◆ xcdepth

int core_yy_extra_type::xcdepth

Definition at line 106 of file scanner.h.

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