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dsa_area_control Struct Reference

Data Fields

dsa_segment_header segment_header
dsa_handle handle
dsm_handle segment_handles [DSA_MAX_SEGMENTS]
dsa_segment_index segment_bins [DSA_NUM_SEGMENT_BINS]
dsa_area_pool pools [DSA_NUM_SIZE_CLASSES]
size_t total_segment_size
size_t max_total_segment_size
dsa_segment_index high_segment_index
int refcnt
bool pinned
size_t freed_segment_counter
int lwlock_tranche_id
LWLock lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 311 of file dsa.c.

Field Documentation

◆ freed_segment_counter

size_t dsa_area_control::freed_segment_counter

◆ handle

◆ high_segment_index

dsa_segment_index dsa_area_control::high_segment_index

Definition at line 328 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by dsa_release_in_place(), and make_new_segment().

◆ lock

LWLock dsa_area_control::lock

Definition at line 338 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by create_internal(), and dsa_release_in_place().

◆ lwlock_tranche_id

int dsa_area_control::lwlock_tranche_id

Definition at line 336 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by create_internal().

◆ max_total_segment_size

size_t dsa_area_control::max_total_segment_size

Definition at line 326 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by create_internal(), dsa_dump(), dsa_set_size_limit(), and make_new_segment().

◆ pinned

bool dsa_area_control::pinned

Definition at line 332 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by dsa_dump(), dsa_pin(), and dsa_unpin().

◆ pools

dsa_area_pool dsa_area_control::pools[DSA_NUM_SIZE_CLASSES]

Definition at line 322 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by alloc_object(), dsa_allocate_extended(), dsa_dump(), and dsa_trim().

◆ refcnt

int dsa_area_control::refcnt

◆ segment_bins

dsa_segment_index dsa_area_control::segment_bins[DSA_NUM_SEGMENT_BINS]

◆ segment_handles

◆ segment_header

dsa_segment_header dsa_area_control::segment_header

Definition at line 314 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by attach_internal(), create_internal(), and dsa_release_in_place().

◆ total_segment_size

size_t dsa_area_control::total_segment_size

Definition at line 324 of file dsa.c.

Referenced by create_internal(), destroy_superblock(), dsa_dump(), and make_new_segment().

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