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file_entry_t Struct Reference

#include <filemap.h>

Data Fields

char * path
file_type_t type
file_action_t action
size_t oldsize
size_t newsize
bool isrelfile
datapagemap_t pagemap
char * link_target
struct file_entry_tnext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file filemap.h.

Field Documentation

◆ action

◆ isrelfile

bool file_entry_t::isrelfile

Definition at line 51 of file filemap.h.

Referenced by process_block_change(), process_source_file(), and process_target_file().

◆ link_target

char* file_entry_t::link_target

Definition at line 56 of file filemap.h.

Referenced by create_target(), process_source_file(), and process_target_file().

◆ newsize

size_t file_entry_t::newsize

◆ next

struct file_entry_t* file_entry_t::next

Definition at line 58 of file filemap.h.

Referenced by filemap_list_to_array(), process_source_file(), and process_target_file().

◆ oldsize

size_t file_entry_t::oldsize

◆ pagemap

◆ path

◆ type

file_type_t file_entry_t::type

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