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manifest_file Struct Reference

#include <load_manifest.h>

Data Fields

uint32 status
char * pathname
size_t size
pg_checksum_type checksum_type
int checksum_length
bool matched
bool bad

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file load_manifest.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bad

bool manifest_file::bad

Definition at line 61 of file pg_verifybackup.c.

Referenced by verifybackup_per_file_cb().

◆ checksum_length

◆ checksum_payload

◆ checksum_type

◆ matched

bool manifest_file::matched

Definition at line 60 of file pg_verifybackup.c.

Referenced by report_extra_backup_files(), and verifybackup_per_file_cb().

◆ pathname

char * manifest_file::pathname

◆ size

size_t manifest_file::size

◆ status

uint32 manifest_file::status

Definition at line 24 of file load_manifest.h.

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