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xl_xact_parsed_commit Struct Reference

#include <xact.h>

Data Fields

TimestampTz xact_time
uint32 xinfo
Oid dbId
Oid tsId
int nsubxacts
int nrels
int nmsgs
TransactionId twophase_xid
char twophase_gid [GIDSIZE]
int nabortrels
XLogRecPtr origin_lsn
TimestampTz origin_timestamp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 323 of file xact.h.

Field Documentation

◆ abortnodes

RelFileNode* xl_xact_parsed_commit::abortnodes

Definition at line 343 of file xact.h.

Referenced by ParsePrepareRecord(), and xact_desc_prepare().

◆ dbId

Oid xl_xact_parsed_commit::dbId

◆ msgs

SharedInvalidationMessage* xl_xact_parsed_commit::msgs

◆ nabortrels

int xl_xact_parsed_commit::nabortrels

Definition at line 342 of file xact.h.

Referenced by ParsePrepareRecord(), and xact_desc_prepare().

◆ nmsgs

int xl_xact_parsed_commit::nmsgs

◆ nrels

int xl_xact_parsed_commit::nrels

◆ nsubxacts

int xl_xact_parsed_commit::nsubxacts

◆ origin_lsn

XLogRecPtr xl_xact_parsed_commit::origin_lsn

◆ origin_timestamp

TimestampTz xl_xact_parsed_commit::origin_timestamp

◆ subxacts

TransactionId* xl_xact_parsed_commit::subxacts

◆ tsId

Oid xl_xact_parsed_commit::tsId

Definition at line 329 of file xact.h.

Referenced by ParseCommitRecord(), xact_desc_commit(), xact_desc_prepare(), and xact_redo_commit().

◆ twophase_gid

char xl_xact_parsed_commit::twophase_gid[GIDSIZE]

◆ twophase_xid

◆ xact_time

TimestampTz xl_xact_parsed_commit::xact_time

◆ xinfo

uint32 xl_xact_parsed_commit::xinfo

Definition at line 326 of file xact.h.

Referenced by DecodeCommit(), ParseCommitRecord(), xact_desc_commit(), and xact_redo_commit().

◆ xnodes

RelFileNode* xl_xact_parsed_commit::xnodes

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