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isn.h File Reference
#include "fmgr.h"
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#define PG_GETARG_EAN13(n)   PG_GETARG_INT64(n)
#define PG_RETURN_EAN13(x)   PG_RETURN_INT64(x)


typedef uint64 ean13


void initialize (void)

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 28 of file isn.h.

Referenced by ean2isn(), and ean2string().


Definition at line 21 of file isn.h.

#define PG_GETARG_EAN13 (   n)    PG_GETARG_INT64(n)
#define PG_RETURN_EAN13 (   x)    PG_RETURN_INT64(x)

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typedef uint64 ean13

Definition at line 26 of file isn.h.

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void initialize ( void  )

Definition at line 926 of file isn.c.

References EAN13, EAN13_index, elog, g_initialized, ISBN, ISBN_index, ISMN, ISMN_index, ISSN, ISSN_index, LOG, UPC, and UPC_index.

Referenced by gather_merge_init().

927 {
928 #ifdef ISN_DEBUG
929  if (!check_table(EAN13, EAN13_index))
930  elog(LOG, "EAN13 failed check");
931  if (!check_table(ISBN, ISBN_index))
932  elog(LOG, "ISBN failed check");
933  if (!check_table(ISMN, ISMN_index))
934  elog(LOG, "ISMN failed check");
935  if (!check_table(ISSN, ISSN_index))
936  elog(LOG, "ISSN failed check");
937  if (!check_table(UPC, UPC_index))
938  elog(LOG, "UPC failed check");
939 #endif
940  g_initialized = true;
941 }
Definition: isn.c:33
const unsigned UPC_index[10][2]
Definition: UPC.h:14
const unsigned ISSN_index[10][2]
Definition: ISSN.h:34
Definition: isn.c:33
#define LOG
Definition: elog.h:26
const unsigned EAN13_index[10][2]
Definition: EAN13.h:14
static bool g_initialized
Definition: isn.c:39
const unsigned ISMN_index[10][2]
Definition: ISMN.h:33
Definition: isn.c:33
Definition: isn.c:33
const unsigned ISBN_index[10][2]
Definition: ISBN.h:37
Definition: isn.c:33
#define elog
Definition: elog.h:219