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off.h File Reference
#include "storage/itemid.h"
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#define InvalidOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) 0)
#define FirstOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) 1)
#define MaxOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) (BLCKSZ / sizeof(ItemIdData)))
#define OffsetNumberIsValid(offsetNumber)
#define OffsetNumberNext(offsetNumber)    ((OffsetNumber) (1 + (offsetNumber)))
#define OffsetNumberPrev(offsetNumber)    ((OffsetNumber) (-1 + (offsetNumber)))


typedef uint16 OffsetNumber

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ FirstOffsetNumber

#define FirstOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) 1)

Definition at line 27 of file off.h.

◆ InvalidOffsetNumber

#define InvalidOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) 0)

Definition at line 26 of file off.h.

◆ MaxOffsetNumber

#define MaxOffsetNumber   ((OffsetNumber) (BLCKSZ / sizeof(ItemIdData)))

Definition at line 28 of file off.h.

◆ OffsetNumberIsValid

#define OffsetNumberIsValid (   offsetNumber)
((bool) ((offsetNumber != InvalidOffsetNumber) && \
(offsetNumber <= MaxOffsetNumber)))
unsigned char bool
Definition: c.h:456
#define InvalidOffsetNumber
Definition: off.h:26
#define MaxOffsetNumber
Definition: off.h:28

Definition at line 39 of file off.h.

◆ OffsetNumberNext

#define OffsetNumberNext (   offsetNumber)     ((OffsetNumber) (1 + (offsetNumber)))

Definition at line 52 of file off.h.

◆ OffsetNumberPrev

#define OffsetNumberPrev (   offsetNumber)     ((OffsetNumber) (-1 + (offsetNumber)))

Definition at line 54 of file off.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ OffsetNumber

Definition at line 24 of file off.h.