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qsort.c File Reference
#include "c.h"
#include "lib/sort_template.h"
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#define ST_SORT   pg_qsort
#define ST_SCOPE
#define ST_DECLARE
#define ST_DEFINE


int pg_qsort_strcmp (const void *a, const void *b)

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Definition at line 9 of file qsort.c.


#define ST_DECLARE

Definition at line 11 of file qsort.c.


#define ST_DEFINE

Definition at line 12 of file qsort.c.



Definition at line 8 of file qsort.c.


#define ST_SCOPE

Definition at line 10 of file qsort.c.


#define ST_SORT   pg_qsort

Definition at line 7 of file qsort.c.

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◆ pg_qsort_strcmp()

int pg_qsort_strcmp ( const void *  a,
const void *  b 

Definition at line 19 of file qsort.c.

20 {
21  return strcmp(*(const char *const *) a, *(const char *const *) b);
22 }
int b
Definition: isn.c:70
int a
Definition: isn.c:69

References a, and b.

Referenced by GetConfFilesInDir(), readstoplist(), and searchstoplist().