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rmgrdesc.h File Reference
#include "access/xlogreader.h"
#include "lib/stringinfo.h"
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Data Structures

struct  RmgrDescData


typedef struct RmgrDescData RmgrDescData


const RmgrDescDataGetRmgrDesc (RmgrId rmid)

Typedef Documentation

◆ RmgrDescData

typedef struct RmgrDescData RmgrDescData

Function Documentation

◆ GetRmgrDesc()

const RmgrDescData* GetRmgrDesc ( RmgrId  rmid)

Definition at line 87 of file rmgrdesc.c.

88 {
89  Assert(RmgrIdIsValid(rmid));
91  if (RmgrIdIsBuiltin(rmid))
92  return &RmgrDescTable[rmid];
93  else
94  {
97  return &CustomRmgrDesc[rmid - RM_MIN_CUSTOM_ID];
98  }
99 }
Assert(fmt[strlen(fmt) - 1] !='\n')
#define RmgrIdIsValid(rmid)
Definition: rmgr.h:53
static bool RmgrIdIsBuiltin(int rmid)
Definition: rmgr.h:42
Definition: rmgr.h:35
static const RmgrDescData RmgrDescTable[RM_N_BUILTIN_IDS]
Definition: rmgrdesc.c:38
static void initialize_custom_rmgrs(void)
Definition: rmgrdesc.c:73
static bool CustomRmgrDescInitialized
Definition: rmgrdesc.c:46
static RmgrDescData CustomRmgrDesc[RM_N_CUSTOM_IDS]
Definition: rmgrdesc.c:45

References Assert(), CustomRmgrDesc, CustomRmgrDescInitialized, initialize_custom_rmgrs(), RM_MIN_CUSTOM_ID, RmgrDescTable, RmgrIdIsBuiltin(), and RmgrIdIsValid.

Referenced by main(), print_rmgr_list(), XLogDumpDisplayRecord(), and XLogDumpDisplayStats().