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CachedPlanSource Struct Reference

#include <plancache.h>

Data Fields

int magic
struct RawStmtraw_parse_tree
const char * query_string
CommandTag commandTag
int num_params
ParserSetupHook parserSetup
void * parserSetupArg
int cursor_options
bool fixed_result
TupleDesc resultDesc
MemoryContext context
struct SearchPathMatchersearch_path
MemoryContext query_context
Oid rewriteRoleId
bool rewriteRowSecurity
bool dependsOnRLS
struct CachedPlangplan
bool is_oneshot
bool is_complete
bool is_saved
bool is_valid
int generation
dlist_node node
double generic_cost
double total_custom_cost
int64 num_custom_plans
int64 num_generic_plans

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file plancache.h.

Field Documentation

◆ commandTag

◆ context

◆ cursor_options

int CachedPlanSource::cursor_options

◆ dependsOnRLS

◆ fixed_result

◆ generation

int CachedPlanSource::generation

◆ generic_cost

double CachedPlanSource::generic_cost

◆ gplan

◆ invalItems

◆ is_complete

◆ is_oneshot

◆ is_saved

◆ is_valid

◆ magic

◆ node

dlist_node CachedPlanSource::node

Definition at line 129 of file plancache.h.

Referenced by DropCachedPlan(), and SaveCachedPlan().

◆ num_custom_plans

int64 CachedPlanSource::num_custom_plans

◆ num_generic_plans

int64 CachedPlanSource::num_generic_plans

◆ num_params

◆ param_types

◆ parserSetup

ParserSetupHook CachedPlanSource::parserSetup

◆ parserSetupArg

void* CachedPlanSource::parserSetupArg

◆ query_context

MemoryContext CachedPlanSource::query_context

◆ query_list

◆ query_string

◆ raw_parse_tree

struct RawStmt* CachedPlanSource::raw_parse_tree

◆ relationOids

◆ resultDesc

◆ rewriteRoleId

Oid CachedPlanSource::rewriteRoleId

◆ rewriteRowSecurity

bool CachedPlanSource::rewriteRowSecurity

◆ search_path

◆ total_custom_cost

double CachedPlanSource::total_custom_cost

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