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ConsiderSplitContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

int entriesCount
BOX boundingBox
bool first
float8 leftUpper
float8 rightLower
float4 ratio
float4 overlap
int dim
float8 range
bool has_subtype_diff
int entries_count
int common_left
int common_right

Detailed Description

Definition at line 283 of file gistproc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ boundingBox

BOX ConsiderSplitContext::boundingBox

Definition at line 286 of file gistproc.c.

◆ common_left

int ConsiderSplitContext::common_left

Definition at line 84 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ common_right

int ConsiderSplitContext::common_right

Definition at line 85 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ dim

int ConsiderSplitContext::dim

Definition at line 297 of file gistproc.c.

◆ entries_count

int ConsiderSplitContext::entries_count

Definition at line 73 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ entriesCount

int ConsiderSplitContext::entriesCount

Definition at line 285 of file gistproc.c.

◆ first

bool ConsiderSplitContext::first

Definition at line 290 of file gistproc.c.

◆ has_subtype_diff

bool ConsiderSplitContext::has_subtype_diff

Definition at line 72 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ left_upper

RangeBound* ConsiderSplitContext::left_upper

Definition at line 79 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ leftUpper

float8 ConsiderSplitContext::leftUpper

Definition at line 292 of file gistproc.c.

◆ overlap

float4 ConsiderSplitContext::overlap

Definition at line 296 of file gistproc.c.

◆ range

float8 ConsiderSplitContext::range

Definition at line 298 of file gistproc.c.

◆ ratio

float4 ConsiderSplitContext::ratio

Definition at line 295 of file gistproc.c.

◆ right_lower

RangeBound* ConsiderSplitContext::right_lower

Definition at line 80 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

◆ rightLower

float8 ConsiderSplitContext::rightLower

Definition at line 293 of file gistproc.c.

◆ typcache

TypeCacheEntry* ConsiderSplitContext::typcache

Definition at line 71 of file rangetypes_gist.c.

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