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GISTBuildState Struct Reference

Data Fields

Relation indexrel
Relation heaprel
Size freespace
GistBuildMode buildMode
int64 indtuples
int64 indtuplesSize
BlockNumber pages_allocated
BlockNumber pages_written
int ready_num_pages
BlockNumber ready_blknos [XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID]
Page ready_pages [XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file gistbuild.c.

Field Documentation

◆ buildMode

GistBuildMode GISTBuildState::buildMode

Definition at line 90 of file gistbuild.c.

Referenced by gistbuild(), gistBuildCallback(), and gistInitBuffering().

◆ freespace

Size GISTBuildState::freespace

◆ gfbb

◆ giststate

◆ heaprel

Relation GISTBuildState::heaprel

Definition at line 85 of file gistbuild.c.

Referenced by gistbufferinginserttuples(), gistbuild(), and gistBuildCallback().

◆ indexrel

◆ indtuples

int64 GISTBuildState::indtuples

◆ indtuplesSize

int64 GISTBuildState::indtuplesSize

◆ pages_allocated

BlockNumber GISTBuildState::pages_allocated

Definition at line 108 of file gistbuild.c.

◆ pages_written

BlockNumber GISTBuildState::pages_written

Definition at line 109 of file gistbuild.c.

◆ parentMap

HTAB* GISTBuildState::parentMap

Definition at line 101 of file gistbuild.c.

Referenced by gistGetParent(), gistInitParentMap(), and gistMemorizeParent().

◆ ready_blknos

BlockNumber GISTBuildState::ready_blknos[XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID]

Definition at line 112 of file gistbuild.c.

◆ ready_num_pages

int GISTBuildState::ready_num_pages

Definition at line 111 of file gistbuild.c.

◆ ready_pages

Page GISTBuildState::ready_pages[XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID]

Definition at line 113 of file gistbuild.c.

◆ sortstate

Tuplesortstate* GISTBuildState::sortstate

Definition at line 106 of file gistbuild.c.

Referenced by gistbuild(), and gistSortedBuildCallback().

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