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GeneratePruningStepsContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

PartClauseTarget target
bool has_mutable_op
bool has_mutable_arg
bool has_exec_param
bool contradictory
int next_step_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file partprune.c.

Field Documentation

◆ contradictory

bool GeneratePruningStepsContext::contradictory

Definition at line 121 of file partprune.c.

Referenced by prune_append_rel_partitions().

◆ has_exec_param

bool GeneratePruningStepsContext::has_exec_param

Definition at line 120 of file partprune.c.

◆ has_mutable_arg

bool GeneratePruningStepsContext::has_mutable_arg

Definition at line 118 of file partprune.c.

◆ has_mutable_op

bool GeneratePruningStepsContext::has_mutable_op

Definition at line 117 of file partprune.c.

◆ next_step_id

int GeneratePruningStepsContext::next_step_id

Definition at line 123 of file partprune.c.

◆ rel

RelOptInfo* GeneratePruningStepsContext::rel

Definition at line 113 of file partprune.c.

◆ steps

List* GeneratePruningStepsContext::steps

Definition at line 116 of file partprune.c.

Referenced by prune_append_rel_partitions().

◆ target

PartClauseTarget GeneratePruningStepsContext::target

Definition at line 114 of file partprune.c.

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