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InternalDefaultACL Struct Reference

Data Fields

Oid roleid
Oid nspid
bool is_grant
ObjectType objtype
bool all_privs
AclMode privileges
bool grant_option
DropBehavior behavior

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file aclchk.c.

Field Documentation

◆ all_privs

bool InternalDefaultACL::all_privs

◆ behavior

DropBehavior InternalDefaultACL::behavior

◆ grant_option

bool InternalDefaultACL::grant_option

◆ grantees

List* InternalDefaultACL::grantees

◆ is_grant

bool InternalDefaultACL::is_grant

◆ nspid

Oid InternalDefaultACL::nspid

Definition at line 110 of file aclchk.c.

Referenced by RemoveRoleFromObjectACL(), SetDefaultACL(), and SetDefaultACLsInSchemas().

◆ objtype

ObjectType InternalDefaultACL::objtype

◆ privileges

AclMode InternalDefaultACL::privileges

◆ roleid

Oid InternalDefaultACL::roleid

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