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SharedExecutorInstrumentation Struct Reference

Data Fields

int instrument_options
int instrument_offset
int num_workers
int num_plan_nodes
int plan_node_id [FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file execParallel.c.

Field Documentation

◆ instrument_offset

int SharedExecutorInstrumentation::instrument_offset

Definition at line 102 of file execParallel.c.

Referenced by ExecInitParallelPlan().

◆ instrument_options

int SharedExecutorInstrumentation::instrument_options

Definition at line 101 of file execParallel.c.

Referenced by ExecInitParallelPlan(), and ParallelQueryMain().

◆ num_plan_nodes

int SharedExecutorInstrumentation::num_plan_nodes

◆ num_workers

int SharedExecutorInstrumentation::num_workers

◆ plan_node_id

int SharedExecutorInstrumentation::plan_node_id[FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER]

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