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SnapBuild Struct Reference

Data Fields

SnapBuildState state
MemoryContext context
TransactionId xmin
TransactionId xmax
XLogRecPtr start_decoding_at
XLogRecPtr two_phase_at
TransactionId initial_xmin_horizon
bool building_full_snapshot
Snapshot snapshot
XLogRecPtr last_serialized_snapshot
TransactionId next_phase_at
struct {
   size_t   xcnt
   size_t   xcnt_space
   bool   includes_all_transactions
   TransactionId *   xip
struct {
   size_t   xcnt
   TransactionId *   xip

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file snapbuild.c.

Field Documentation

◆ building_full_snapshot

bool SnapBuild::building_full_snapshot



◆ context

◆ includes_all_transactions

bool SnapBuild::includes_all_transactions

◆ initial_xmin_horizon

TransactionId SnapBuild::initial_xmin_horizon

Definition at line 187 of file snapbuild.c.

Referenced by AllocateSnapshotBuilder(), SnapBuildFindSnapshot(), and SnapBuildRestore().

◆ last_serialized_snapshot

XLogRecPtr SnapBuild::last_serialized_snapshot

Definition at line 200 of file snapbuild.c.

Referenced by SnapBuildProcessRunningXacts(), and SnapBuildSerialize().

◆ next_phase_at

◆ reorder

◆ snapshot

◆ start_decoding_at

XLogRecPtr SnapBuild::start_decoding_at

◆ state

◆ two_phase_at

XLogRecPtr SnapBuild::two_phase_at

◆ xcnt

◆ xcnt_space

size_t SnapBuild::xcnt_space

◆ xip

◆ xmax

◆ xmin

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