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TrgmState Struct Reference

Data Fields

TrgmStateKey stateKey
int flags
int snumber
struct TrgmStateparent
int tentFlags
struct TrgmStatetentParent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 332 of file trgm_regexp.c.

Field Documentation

◆ arcs

List* TrgmState::arcs

Definition at line 335 of file trgm_regexp.c.

◆ enterKeys

List* TrgmState::enterKeys

Definition at line 336 of file trgm_regexp.c.

◆ flags

int TrgmState::flags

Definition at line 337 of file trgm_regexp.c.

Referenced by createTrgmNFAInternal(), mergeStates(), and transformGraph().

◆ parent

struct TrgmState* TrgmState::parent

Definition at line 339 of file trgm_regexp.c.

Referenced by mergeStates(), and packGraph().

◆ snumber

int TrgmState::snumber

Definition at line 338 of file trgm_regexp.c.

Referenced by packGraph().

◆ stateKey

TrgmStateKey TrgmState::stateKey

Definition at line 334 of file trgm_regexp.c.

◆ tentFlags

int TrgmState::tentFlags

Definition at line 340 of file trgm_regexp.c.

◆ tentParent

struct TrgmState* TrgmState::tentParent

Definition at line 341 of file trgm_regexp.c.

Referenced by selectColorTrigrams().

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