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XLogCtlInsert Struct Reference

Data Fields

slock_t insertpos_lck
uint64 CurrBytePos
uint64 PrevBytePos
XLogRecPtr RedoRecPtr
bool forcePageWrites
bool fullPageWrites
ExclusiveBackupState exclusiveBackupState
int nonExclusiveBackups
XLogRecPtr lastBackupStart

Detailed Description

Definition at line 539 of file xlog.c.

Field Documentation

◆ CurrBytePos

uint64 XLogCtlInsert::CurrBytePos

◆ exclusiveBackupState

ExclusiveBackupState XLogCtlInsert::exclusiveBackupState

◆ forcePageWrites

◆ fullPageWrites

bool XLogCtlInsert::fullPageWrites

◆ insertpos_lck

slock_t XLogCtlInsert::insertpos_lck

◆ lastBackupStart

XLogRecPtr XLogCtlInsert::lastBackupStart

Definition at line 587 of file xlog.c.

Referenced by do_pg_start_backup().

◆ nonExclusiveBackups

int XLogCtlInsert::nonExclusiveBackups

◆ pad

char XLogCtlInsert::pad[PG_CACHE_LINE_SIZE]

Definition at line 560 of file xlog.c.

◆ PrevBytePos

uint64 XLogCtlInsert::PrevBytePos

Definition at line 551 of file xlog.c.

Referenced by ReserveXLogInsertLocation(), ReserveXLogSwitch(), and StartupXLOG().

◆ RedoRecPtr

XLogRecPtr XLogCtlInsert::RedoRecPtr

Definition at line 573 of file xlog.c.

Referenced by CreateCheckPoint(), CreateRestartPoint(), StartupXLOG(), and XLogInsertRecord().

◆ WALInsertLocks

WALInsertLockPadded* XLogCtlInsert::WALInsertLocks

Definition at line 592 of file xlog.c.

Referenced by XLOGShmemInit().

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