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_constraintInfo Struct Reference

#include <pg_dump.h>

Data Fields

DumpableObject dobj
char contype
char * condef
Oid confrelid
DumpId conindex
bool condeferrable
bool condeferred
bool conwithoutoverlaps
bool conislocal
bool separate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 471 of file pg_dump.h.

Field Documentation

◆ condef

char* _constraintInfo::condef

◆ condeferrable

bool _constraintInfo::condeferrable

◆ condeferred

bool _constraintInfo::condeferred

◆ condomain

TypeInfo* _constraintInfo::condomain

◆ confrelid

Oid _constraintInfo::confrelid

◆ conindex

DumpId _constraintInfo::conindex

◆ conislocal

bool _constraintInfo::conislocal

◆ contable

◆ contype

char _constraintInfo::contype

◆ conwithoutoverlaps

bool _constraintInfo::conwithoutoverlaps

Definition at line 482 of file pg_dump.h.

Referenced by dumpConstraint(), and getIndexes().

◆ dobj

◆ separate

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