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descriptor Struct Reference

#include <ecpglib_extern.h>

Data Fields

char * name
struct descriptornext
int count
struct descriptor_itemitems
char * connection

Detailed Description

Definition at line 112 of file ecpglib_extern.h.

Field Documentation

◆ connection

char* descriptor::connection

Definition at line 188 of file type.h.

Referenced by drop_descriptor(), and lookup_descriptor().

◆ count

int descriptor::count

Definition at line 117 of file ecpglib_extern.h.

Referenced by ecpg_build_params(), ECPGset_desc(), and ECPGset_desc_header().

◆ items

struct descriptor_item* descriptor::items

Definition at line 118 of file ecpglib_extern.h.

Referenced by descriptor_free(), ecpg_build_params(), and ECPGset_desc().

◆ name

char * descriptor::name

◆ next

struct descriptor * descriptor::next

◆ result

PGresult* descriptor::result

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