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1 /*------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * xlogarchive.h
4  * Prototypes for WAL archives in the backend
5  *
6  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2024, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
7  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
8  *
10  * src/include/access/xlogarchive.h
11  *
12  *------------------------------------------------------------------------
13  */
15 #ifndef XLOG_ARCHIVE_H
16 #define XLOG_ARCHIVE_H
18 #include "access/xlogdefs.h"
20 extern bool RestoreArchivedFile(char *path, const char *xlogfname,
21  const char *recovername, off_t expectedSize,
22  bool cleanupEnabled);
23 extern void ExecuteRecoveryCommand(const char *command, const char *commandName,
24  bool failOnSignal, uint32 wait_event_info);
25 extern void KeepFileRestoredFromArchive(const char *path, const char *xlogfname);
26 extern void XLogArchiveNotify(const char *xlog);
27 extern void XLogArchiveNotifySeg(XLogSegNo segno, TimeLineID tli);
28 extern void XLogArchiveForceDone(const char *xlog);
29 extern bool XLogArchiveCheckDone(const char *xlog);
30 extern bool XLogArchiveIsBusy(const char *xlog);
31 extern bool XLogArchiveIsReady(const char *xlog);
32 extern bool XLogArchiveIsReadyOrDone(const char *xlog);
33 extern void XLogArchiveCleanup(const char *xlog);
35 #endif /* XLOG_ARCHIVE_H */
unsigned int uint32
Definition: c.h:506
void XLogArchiveForceDone(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:510
bool XLogArchiveIsReadyOrDone(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:664
bool XLogArchiveIsBusy(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:619
bool XLogArchiveIsReady(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:694
void XLogArchiveNotifySeg(XLogSegNo segno, TimeLineID tli)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:492
void ExecuteRecoveryCommand(const char *command, const char *commandName, bool failOnSignal, uint32 wait_event_info)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:295
bool XLogArchiveCheckDone(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:565
bool RestoreArchivedFile(char *path, const char *xlogfname, const char *recovername, off_t expectedSize, bool cleanupEnabled)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:54
void XLogArchiveNotify(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:444
void KeepFileRestoredFromArchive(const char *path, const char *xlogfname)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:358
void XLogArchiveCleanup(const char *xlog)
Definition: xlogarchive.c:712
uint32 TimeLineID
Definition: xlogdefs.h:59
uint64 XLogSegNo
Definition: xlogdefs.h:48