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pg_tablespace.h File Reference
#include "catalog/genbki.h"
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#define TableSpaceRelationId   1213
#define Natts_pg_tablespace   4
#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcname   1
#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcowner   2
#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcacl   3
#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcoptions   4


typedef FormData_pg_tablespaceForm_pg_tablespace


 CATALOG (pg_tablespace, 1213) BKI_SHARED_RELATION
 DATA (insert OID=1663(pg_default PGUID _null_ _null_))



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#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcacl   3

Definition at line 57 of file pg_tablespace.h.

Referenced by CreateTableSpace(), ExecGrant_Tablespace(), and pg_tablespace_aclmask().

#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcname   1
#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcoptions   4

Definition at line 58 of file pg_tablespace.h.

Referenced by AlterTableSpaceOptions(), CreateTableSpace(), and get_tablespace().

#define Anum_pg_tablespace_spcowner   2

Definition at line 56 of file pg_tablespace.h.

Referenced by CreateTableSpace().

#define Natts_pg_tablespace   4

Definition at line 54 of file pg_tablespace.h.

Referenced by AlterTableSpaceOptions(), CreateTableSpace(), and ExecGrant_Tablespace().

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CATALOG ( pg_tablespace  ,

Definition at line 31 of file pg_tablespace.h.

32 {
33  NameData spcname; /* tablespace name */
34  Oid spcowner; /* owner of tablespace */
36 #ifdef CATALOG_VARLEN /* variable-length fields start here */
37  aclitem spcacl[1]; /* access permissions */
38  text spcoptions[1]; /* per-tablespace options */
39 #endif
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
Definition: c.h:487
Definition: pg_tablespace.h:40
Definition: c.h:433
DATA ( insert  OID = 1663(pg_default PGUID _null_ _null_))

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Definition at line 40 of file pg_tablespace.h.