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pqsignal.c File Reference
#include "c.h"
#include <signal.h>
#include "libpq/pqsignal.h"
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pqsigfunc pqsignal (int signo, pqsigfunc func)

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pqsigfunc pqsignal ( int  signo,
pqsigfunc  func 

Definition at line 60 of file pqsignal.c.

61 {
62 #if !(defined(WIN32) && defined(FRONTEND))
63  struct sigaction act,
64  oact;
66  act.sa_handler = func;
67  sigemptyset(&act.sa_mask);
68  act.sa_flags = SA_RESTART;
69 #ifdef SA_NOCLDSTOP
70  if (signo == SIGCHLD)
71  act.sa_flags |= SA_NOCLDSTOP;
72 #endif
73  if (sigaction(signo, &act, &oact) < 0)
74  return SIG_ERR;
75  return oact.sa_handler;
76 #else
77  /* Forward to Windows native signal system. */
78  return signal(signo, func);
79 #endif
80 }
#define SIGCHLD
Definition: win32_port.h:178
#define SIG_ERR
Definition: win32_port.h:164


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