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BTPageState Struct Reference

Data Fields

BulkWriteBuffer btps_buf
BlockNumber btps_blkno
IndexTuple btps_lowkey
OffsetNumber btps_lastoff
Size btps_lastextra
uint32 btps_level
Size btps_full
struct BTPageStatebtps_next

Detailed Description

Definition at line 229 of file nbtsort.c.

Field Documentation

◆ btps_blkno

BlockNumber BTPageState::btps_blkno

Definition at line 232 of file nbtsort.c.

Referenced by _bt_uppershutdown().

◆ btps_buf

BulkWriteBuffer BTPageState::btps_buf

Definition at line 231 of file nbtsort.c.

Referenced by _bt_uppershutdown().

◆ btps_full

Size BTPageState::btps_full

Definition at line 237 of file nbtsort.c.

◆ btps_lastextra

Size BTPageState::btps_lastextra

Definition at line 235 of file nbtsort.c.

◆ btps_lastoff

OffsetNumber BTPageState::btps_lastoff

Definition at line 234 of file nbtsort.c.

◆ btps_level

uint32 BTPageState::btps_level

Definition at line 236 of file nbtsort.c.

Referenced by _bt_uppershutdown().

◆ btps_lowkey

IndexTuple BTPageState::btps_lowkey

Definition at line 233 of file nbtsort.c.

Referenced by _bt_uppershutdown().

◆ btps_next

struct BTPageState* BTPageState::btps_next

Definition at line 238 of file nbtsort.c.

Referenced by _bt_uppershutdown().

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