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ClusterInfo Struct Reference

#include <pg_upgrade.h>

Data Fields

ControlData controldata
DbInfoArr dbarr
char * pgdata
char * pgconfig
char * bindir
char * pgopts
char * sockdir
unsigned short port
uint32 major_version
char major_version_str [64]
uint32 bin_version
const char * tablespace_suffix

Detailed Description

Definition at line 257 of file pg_upgrade.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bin_version

uint32 ClusterInfo::bin_version

◆ bindir

◆ controldata

◆ dbarr

◆ major_version

◆ major_version_str

char ClusterInfo::major_version_str[64]

Definition at line 270 of file pg_upgrade.h.

Referenced by get_major_server_version(), and set_tablespace_directory_suffix().

◆ pgconfig

char* ClusterInfo::pgconfig

Definition at line 262 of file pg_upgrade.h.

Referenced by adjust_data_dir(), start_postmaster(), and stop_postmaster().

◆ pgdata

◆ pgopts

char* ClusterInfo::pgopts

Definition at line 265 of file pg_upgrade.h.

Referenced by parseCommandLine(), start_postmaster(), and stop_postmaster().

◆ port

unsigned short ClusterInfo::port

◆ sockdir

char* ClusterInfo::sockdir

Definition at line 267 of file pg_upgrade.h.

Referenced by cluster_conn_opts(), get_db_conn(), get_sock_dir(), and start_postmaster().

◆ tablespace_suffix

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