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ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor Struct Reference

#include <hashjoin.h>

Data Fields

size_t preallocated
size_t ntuples
size_t size
size_t estimated_size
size_t old_ntuples
bool at_least_one_chunk
bool outer_eof
bool done

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file hashjoin.h.

Field Documentation

◆ at_least_one_chunk

bool ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::at_least_one_chunk

◆ done

bool ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::done

◆ estimated_size

size_t ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::estimated_size

◆ inner_tuples

◆ ntuples

◆ old_ntuples

size_t ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::old_ntuples

◆ outer_eof

bool ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::outer_eof

◆ outer_tuples

◆ preallocated

size_t ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::preallocated

◆ shared

◆ size

size_t ParallelHashJoinBatchAccessor::size

Definition at line 214 of file hashjoin.h.

Referenced by ExecParallelHashMergeCounters().

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