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ReorderBufferTXN Struct Reference

#include <reorderbuffer.h>

Data Fields

bits32 txn_flags
TransactionId xid
TransactionId toplevel_xid
char * gid
XLogRecPtr first_lsn
XLogRecPtr final_lsn
XLogRecPtr end_lsn
struct ReorderBufferTXNtoptxn
XLogRecPtr restart_decoding_lsn
RepOriginId origin_id
XLogRecPtr origin_lsn
TimestampTz commit_time
Snapshot base_snapshot
XLogRecPtr base_snapshot_lsn
dlist_node base_snapshot_node
Snapshot snapshot_now
CommandId command_id
uint64 nentries
uint64 nentries_mem
dlist_head changes
dlist_head tuplecids
uint64 ntuplecids
dlist_head subtxns
uint32 nsubtxns
uint32 ninvalidations
dlist_node node
Size size
Size total_size
bool concurrent_abort
void * output_plugin_private

Detailed Description

Definition at line 250 of file reorderbuffer.h.

Field Documentation

◆ base_snapshot

◆ base_snapshot_lsn

XLogRecPtr ReorderBufferTXN::base_snapshot_lsn

◆ base_snapshot_node

dlist_node ReorderBufferTXN::base_snapshot_node

◆ changes

◆ command_id

CommandId ReorderBufferTXN::command_id

◆ commit_time

◆ concurrent_abort

bool ReorderBufferTXN::concurrent_abort

Definition at line 402 of file reorderbuffer.h.

Referenced by ReorderBufferProcessTXN(), and ReorderBufferQueueChange().

◆ end_lsn

◆ final_lsn

◆ first_lsn

◆ gid

◆ invalidations

◆ nentries

◆ nentries_mem

◆ ninvalidations

◆ node

dlist_node ReorderBufferTXN::node

◆ nsubtxns

uint32 ReorderBufferTXN::nsubtxns

◆ ntuplecids

uint64 ReorderBufferTXN::ntuplecids

◆ origin_id

◆ origin_lsn

◆ output_plugin_private

◆ restart_decoding_lsn

XLogRecPtr ReorderBufferTXN::restart_decoding_lsn

Definition at line 304 of file reorderbuffer.h.

Referenced by ReorderBufferTXNByXid(), and SnapBuildProcessRunningXacts().

◆ size

◆ snapshot_now

Snapshot ReorderBufferTXN::snapshot_now

◆ subtxns

◆ toast_hash

◆ toplevel_xid

◆ toptxn

◆ total_size

◆ tuplecid_hash

HTAB* ReorderBufferTXN::tuplecid_hash

◆ tuplecids

◆ txn_flags

◆ xid

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