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ReplicationSlot Struct Reference

#include <slot.h>

Data Fields

slock_t mutex
bool in_use
pid_t active_pid
bool just_dirtied
bool dirty
TransactionId effective_xmin
TransactionId effective_catalog_xmin
ReplicationSlotPersistentData data
LWLock io_in_progress_lock
ConditionVariable active_cv
TransactionId candidate_catalog_xmin
XLogRecPtr candidate_xmin_lsn
XLogRecPtr candidate_restart_valid
XLogRecPtr candidate_restart_lsn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 117 of file slot.h.

Field Documentation

◆ active_cv

◆ active_pid

◆ candidate_catalog_xmin

TransactionId ReplicationSlot::candidate_catalog_xmin

◆ candidate_restart_lsn

XLogRecPtr ReplicationSlot::candidate_restart_lsn

◆ candidate_restart_valid

XLogRecPtr ReplicationSlot::candidate_restart_valid

◆ candidate_xmin_lsn

XLogRecPtr ReplicationSlot::candidate_xmin_lsn

◆ data

ReplicationSlotPersistentData ReplicationSlot::data

◆ dirty

bool ReplicationSlot::dirty

◆ effective_catalog_xmin

◆ effective_xmin

◆ in_use

◆ io_in_progress_lock

LWLock ReplicationSlot::io_in_progress_lock

Definition at line 150 of file slot.h.

Referenced by ReplicationSlotsShmemInit(), and SaveSlotToPath().

◆ just_dirtied

bool ReplicationSlot::just_dirtied

Definition at line 129 of file slot.h.

Referenced by ReplicationSlotCreate(), ReplicationSlotMarkDirty(), and SaveSlotToPath().

◆ mutex

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