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Subscription Struct Reference

#include <pg_subscription.h>

Data Fields

Oid oid
Oid dbid
XLogRecPtr skiplsn
char * name
Oid owner
bool ownersuperuser
bool enabled
bool binary
char stream
char twophasestate
bool disableonerr
bool passwordrequired
bool runasowner
bool failover
char * conninfo
char * slotname
char * synccommit
char * origin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 129 of file pg_subscription.h.

Field Documentation

◆ binary

bool Subscription::binary

◆ conninfo

◆ dbid

Oid Subscription::dbid

◆ disableonerr

bool Subscription::disableonerr

Definition at line 145 of file pg_subscription.h.

Referenced by GetSubscription(), start_apply(), and start_table_sync().

◆ enabled

◆ failover

bool Subscription::failover

Definition at line 150 of file pg_subscription.h.

Referenced by GetSubscription(), and LogicalRepSyncTableStart().

◆ name

◆ oid

◆ origin

char* Subscription::origin

◆ owner

Oid Subscription::owner

◆ ownersuperuser

◆ passwordrequired

◆ publications

◆ runasowner

◆ skiplsn

XLogRecPtr Subscription::skiplsn

◆ slotname

◆ stream

char Subscription::stream

◆ synccommit

char* Subscription::synccommit

◆ twophasestate

char Subscription::twophasestate

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