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TuplesortPublic Struct Reference

#include <tuplesort.h>

Data Fields

SortTupleComparator comparetup
SortTupleComparator comparetup_tiebreak
void(* removeabbrev )(Tuplesortstate *state, SortTuple *stups, int count)
void(* writetup )(Tuplesortstate *state, LogicalTape *tape, SortTuple *stup)
void(* readtup )(Tuplesortstate *state, SortTuple *stup, LogicalTape *tape, unsigned int len)
void(* freestate )(Tuplesortstate *state)
MemoryContext maincontext
MemoryContext sortcontext
MemoryContext tuplecontext
bool haveDatum1
int nKeys
SortSupport sortKeys
SortSupport onlyKey
int sortopt
bool tuples
void * arg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 163 of file tuplesort.h.

Field Documentation

◆ arg

◆ comparetup

◆ comparetup_tiebreak

◆ freestate

void(* TuplesortPublic::freestate) (Tuplesortstate *state)

Definition at line 212 of file tuplesort.h.

Referenced by tuplesort_begin_cluster().

◆ haveDatum1

◆ maincontext

◆ nKeys

◆ onlyKey

SortSupport TuplesortPublic::onlyKey

Definition at line 245 of file tuplesort.h.

Referenced by tuplesort_begin_datum(), and tuplesort_begin_heap().

◆ readtup

◆ removeabbrev

◆ sortcontext

◆ sortKeys

◆ sortopt

◆ tuplecontext

◆ tuples

bool TuplesortPublic::tuples

◆ writetup

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