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WalSnd Struct Reference

#include <walsender_private.h>

Data Fields

pid_t pid
WalSndState state
XLogRecPtr sentPtr
bool needreload
XLogRecPtr write
XLogRecPtr flush
XLogRecPtr apply
TimeOffset writeLag
TimeOffset flushLag
TimeOffset applyLag
int sync_standby_priority
slock_t mutex
TimestampTz replyTime
int64 spillTxns
int64 spillCount
int64 spillBytes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file walsender_private.h.

Field Documentation

◆ apply

◆ applyLag

TimeOffset WalSnd::applyLag

◆ flush

◆ flushLag

TimeOffset WalSnd::flushLag

◆ latch

Latch* WalSnd::latch

Definition at line 75 of file walsender_private.h.

Referenced by InitWalSenderSlot(), WalSndKill(), and WalSndWakeup().

◆ mutex

◆ needreload

bool WalSnd::needreload

Definition at line 45 of file walsender_private.h.

Referenced by InitWalSenderSlot(), WalSndRqstFileReload(), and XLogSendPhysical().

◆ pid

◆ replyTime

◆ sentPtr

◆ spillBytes

int64 WalSnd::spillBytes

◆ spillCount

int64 WalSnd::spillCount

◆ spillTxns

int64 WalSnd::spillTxns

◆ state

◆ sync_standby_priority

int WalSnd::sync_standby_priority

◆ write

◆ writeLag

TimeOffset WalSnd::writeLag

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