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config_generic Struct Reference

#include <guc_tables.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
GucContext context
enum config_group group
const char * short_desc
const char * long_desc
int flags
enum config_type vartype
int status
GucSource source
GucSource reset_source
GucContext scontext
GucContext reset_scontext
Oid srole
Oid reset_srole
void * extra
dlist_node nondef_link
slist_node stack_link
slist_node report_link
char * last_reported
char * sourcefile
int sourceline

Detailed Description

Definition at line 153 of file guc_tables.h.

Field Documentation

◆ context

◆ extra

◆ flags

◆ group

enum config_group config_generic::group

◆ last_reported

char* config_generic::last_reported

Definition at line 179 of file guc_tables.h.

Referenced by InitializeOneGUCOption(), ReportGUCOption(), and RestoreGUCState().

◆ long_desc

const char* config_generic::long_desc

Definition at line 160 of file guc_tables.h.

Referenced by GetConfigOptionValues(), and init_custom_variable().

◆ name

◆ nondef_link

◆ report_link

slist_node config_generic::report_link

◆ reset_scontext

◆ reset_source

◆ reset_srole

Oid config_generic::reset_srole

◆ scontext

◆ short_desc

const char* config_generic::short_desc

◆ source

◆ sourcefile

◆ sourceline

◆ srole

◆ stack

◆ stack_link

slist_node config_generic::stack_link

Definition at line 175 of file guc_tables.h.

Referenced by AtEOXact_GUC(), push_old_value(), and RemoveGUCFromLists().

◆ status

◆ vartype

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