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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * twophase.h
4  * Two-phase-commit related declarations.
5  *
6  *
7  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2024, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
8  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
9  *
10  * src/include/access/twophase.h
11  *
12  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
13  */
14 #ifndef TWOPHASE_H
15 #define TWOPHASE_H
17 #include "access/xact.h"
18 #include "access/xlogdefs.h"
19 #include "datatype/timestamp.h"
20 #include "storage/lock.h"
22 /*
23  * GlobalTransactionData is defined in twophase.c; other places have no
24  * business knowing the internal definition.
25  */
28 /* GUC variable */
31 extern Size TwoPhaseShmemSize(void);
32 extern void TwoPhaseShmemInit(void);
34 extern void AtAbort_Twophase(void);
35 extern void PostPrepare_Twophase(void);
38  bool *have_more);
39 extern PGPROC *TwoPhaseGetDummyProc(TransactionId xid, bool lock_held);
40 extern int TwoPhaseGetDummyProcNumber(TransactionId xid, bool lock_held);
44  Oid owner, Oid databaseid);
46 extern void StartPrepare(GlobalTransaction gxact);
47 extern void EndPrepare(GlobalTransaction gxact);
51  int *nxids_p);
52 extern void StandbyRecoverPreparedTransactions(void);
53 extern void RecoverPreparedTransactions(void);
55 extern void CheckPointTwoPhase(XLogRecPtr redo_horizon);
57 extern void FinishPreparedTransaction(const char *gid, bool isCommit);
59 extern void PrepareRedoAdd(char *buf, XLogRecPtr start_lsn,
60  XLogRecPtr end_lsn, RepOriginId origin_id);
61 extern void PrepareRedoRemove(TransactionId xid, bool giveWarning);
62 extern void restoreTwoPhaseData(void);
63 extern bool LookupGXact(const char *gid, XLogRecPtr prepare_end_lsn,
64  TimestampTz origin_prepare_timestamp);
65 #endif /* TWOPHASE_H */
Definition: c.h:1316
uint32 TransactionId
Definition: c.h:652
size_t Size
Definition: c.h:605
int64 TimestampTz
Definition: timestamp.h:39
static char * buf
Definition: pg_test_fsync.c:73
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
TimestampTz prepared_at
Definition: twophase.c:151
TransactionId xid
Definition: twophase.c:162
XLogRecPtr prepare_end_lsn
Definition: twophase.c:161
char gid[GIDSIZE]
Definition: twophase.c:169
Definition: proc.h:157
void RecoverPreparedTransactions(void)
Definition: twophase.c:2083
struct GlobalTransactionData * GlobalTransaction
Definition: twophase.h:26
void restoreTwoPhaseData(void)
Definition: twophase.c:1898
bool LookupGXact(const char *gid, XLogRecPtr prepare_end_lsn, TimestampTz origin_prepare_timestamp)
Definition: twophase.c:2633
Size TwoPhaseShmemSize(void)
Definition: twophase.c:237
void AtAbort_Twophase(void)
Definition: twophase.c:304
void FinishPreparedTransaction(const char *gid, bool isCommit)
Definition: twophase.c:1503
TransactionId TwoPhaseGetXidByVirtualXID(VirtualTransactionId vxid, bool *have_more)
Definition: twophase.c:852
void PrepareRedoRemove(TransactionId xid, bool giveWarning)
Definition: twophase.c:2581
void EndPrepare(GlobalTransaction gxact)
Definition: twophase.c:1158
TransactionId PrescanPreparedTransactions(TransactionId **xids_p, int *nxids_p)
Definition: twophase.c:1962
void StartPrepare(GlobalTransaction gxact)
Definition: twophase.c:1065
PGPROC * TwoPhaseGetDummyProc(TransactionId xid, bool lock_held)
Definition: twophase.c:918
void TwoPhaseShmemInit(void)
Definition: twophase.c:253
void PrepareRedoAdd(char *buf, XLogRecPtr start_lsn, XLogRecPtr end_lsn, RepOriginId origin_id)
Definition: twophase.c:2479
void StandbyRecoverPreparedTransactions(void)
Definition: twophase.c:2042
void PostPrepare_Twophase(void)
Definition: twophase.c:344
int TwoPhaseGetDummyProcNumber(TransactionId xid, bool lock_held)
Definition: twophase.c:903
void CheckPointTwoPhase(XLogRecPtr redo_horizon)
Definition: twophase.c:1816
bool StandbyTransactionIdIsPrepared(TransactionId xid)
Definition: twophase.c:1475
GlobalTransaction MarkAsPreparing(TransactionId xid, const char *gid, TimestampTz prepared_at, Oid owner, Oid databaseid)
Definition: twophase.c:359
PGDLLIMPORT int max_prepared_xacts
Definition: twophase.c:115
uint16 RepOriginId
Definition: xlogdefs.h:65
uint64 XLogRecPtr
Definition: xlogdefs.h:21