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pg_sequence.h File Reference
#include "catalog/genbki.h"
#include "catalog/pg_sequence_d.h"
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typedef FormData_pg_sequenceForm_pg_sequence


 CATALOG (pg_sequence, 2224, SequenceRelationId)
 DECLARE_UNIQUE_INDEX_PKEY (pg_sequence_seqrelid_index, 5002, SequenceRelidIndexId, pg_sequence, btree(seqrelid oid_ops))



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◆ Form_pg_sequence

Definition at line 40 of file pg_sequence.h.

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CATALOG ( pg_sequence  ,
2224  ,

Definition at line 23 of file pg_sequence.h.

24 {
25  Oid seqrelid BKI_LOOKUP(pg_class);
26  Oid seqtypid BKI_LOOKUP(pg_type);
27  int64 seqstart;
28  int64 seqincrement;
29  int64 seqmax;
30  int64 seqmin;
31  int64 seqcache;
32  bool seqcycle;
#define BKI_LOOKUP(catalog)
Definition: genbki.h:46
Definition: pg_sequence.h:33
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31

References BKI_LOOKUP.


DECLARE_UNIQUE_INDEX_PKEY ( pg_sequence_seqrelid_index  ,
5002  ,
SequenceRelidIndexId  ,
pg_sequence  ,
btree(seqrelid oid_ops)   

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◆ FormData_pg_sequence


Definition at line 33 of file pg_sequence.h.

Referenced by DefineSequence().