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1 /*
2  * contrib/seg/segdata.h
3  */
4 typedef struct SEG
5 {
8  char l_sigd;
9  char u_sigd;
10  char l_ext;
11  char u_ext;
12 } SEG;
14 /* in seg.c */
15 extern int significant_digits(char *str);
17 /* in segscan.l */
18 extern int seg_yylex(void);
19 extern void seg_yyerror(SEG *result, const char *message) pg_attribute_noreturn();
20 extern void seg_scanner_init(const char *str);
21 extern void seg_scanner_finish(void);
23 /* in segparse.y */
24 extern int seg_yyparse(SEG *result);
char u_sigd
Definition: segdata.h:9
float4 lower
Definition: segdata.h:6
return result
Definition: formatting.c:1633
void seg_scanner_finish(void)
int seg_yylex(void)
int seg_yyparse(SEG *result)
float float4
Definition: c.h:380
void seg_scanner_init(const char *str)
char l_ext
Definition: segdata.h:10
int significant_digits(char *str)
Definition: seg.c:1055
struct SEG SEG
Definition: segdata.h:4
char l_sigd
Definition: segdata.h:8
#define pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: c.h:654
void seg_yyerror(SEG *result, const char *message) pg_attribute_noreturn()
float4 upper
Definition: segdata.h:7
char u_ext
Definition: segdata.h:11