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BTDedupStateData Struct Reference

#include <nbtree.h>

Data Fields

bool deduplicate
Size maxpostingsize
IndexTuple base
OffsetNumber baseoff
Size basetupsize
ItemPointer htids
int nhtids
int nitems
Size phystupsize
int nintervals
BTDedupInterval intervals [MaxIndexTuplesPerPage]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 738 of file nbtree.h.

Field Documentation

◆ base

◆ baseoff

OffsetNumber BTDedupStateData::baseoff

◆ basetupsize

Size BTDedupStateData::basetupsize

◆ deduplicate

bool BTDedupStateData::deduplicate

Definition at line 741 of file nbtree.h.

Referenced by _bt_dedup_one_page(), _bt_load(), and btree_xlog_dedup().

◆ htids

◆ intervals

◆ maxpostingsize

Size BTDedupStateData::maxpostingsize

◆ nhtids

◆ nintervals

int BTDedupStateData::nintervals

◆ nitems

◆ phystupsize

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