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IndexScanDescData Struct Reference

#include <relscan.h>

Data Fields

Relation heapRelation
Relation indexRelation
struct SnapshotDataxs_snapshot
int numberOfKeys
int numberOfOrderBys
struct ScanKeyDatakeyData
struct ScanKeyDataorderByData
bool xs_want_itup
bool xs_temp_snap
bool kill_prior_tuple
bool ignore_killed_tuples
bool xactStartedInRecovery
void * opaque
IndexTuple xs_itup
struct TupleDescDataxs_itupdesc
HeapTuple xs_hitup
struct TupleDescDataxs_hitupdesc
ItemPointerData xs_heaptid
bool xs_heap_continue
bool xs_recheck
bool xs_recheckorderby
struct ParallelIndexScanDescDataparallel_scan

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file relscan.h.

Field Documentation

◆ heapRelation

Relation IndexScanDescData::heapRelation

◆ ignore_killed_tuples

bool IndexScanDescData::ignore_killed_tuples

◆ indexRelation

◆ keyData

◆ kill_prior_tuple

◆ numberOfKeys

◆ numberOfOrderBys

◆ opaque

◆ orderByData

struct ScanKeyData* IndexScanDescData::orderByData

◆ parallel_scan

◆ xactStartedInRecovery

bool IndexScanDescData::xactStartedInRecovery

Definition at line 130 of file relscan.h.

Referenced by index_fetch_heap(), and RelationGetIndexScan().

◆ xs_heap_continue

bool IndexScanDescData::xs_heap_continue

◆ xs_heapfetch

◆ xs_heaptid

◆ xs_hitup

◆ xs_hitupdesc

struct TupleDescData* IndexScanDescData::xs_hitupdesc

Definition at line 145 of file relscan.h.

Referenced by gistrescan(), IndexOnlyNext(), RelationGetIndexScan(), and spgbeginscan().

◆ xs_itup

IndexTuple IndexScanDescData::xs_itup

◆ xs_itupdesc

struct TupleDescData* IndexScanDescData::xs_itupdesc

◆ xs_orderbynulls

bool* IndexScanDescData::xs_orderbynulls

◆ xs_orderbyvals

Datum* IndexScanDescData::xs_orderbyvals

◆ xs_recheck

◆ xs_recheckorderby

bool IndexScanDescData::xs_recheckorderby

◆ xs_snapshot

◆ xs_temp_snap

bool IndexScanDescData::xs_temp_snap

Definition at line 125 of file relscan.h.

Referenced by index_beginscan_internal(), and index_endscan().

◆ xs_want_itup

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