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pg_tm Struct Reference

#include <pgtime.h>

Data Fields

int tm_sec
int tm_min
int tm_hour
int tm_mday
int tm_mon
int tm_year
int tm_wday
int tm_yday
int tm_isdst
long int tm_gmtoff
const char * tm_zone

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file pgtime.h.

Field Documentation

◆ tm_gmtoff

long int pg_tm::tm_gmtoff

◆ tm_hour

◆ tm_isdst

◆ tm_mday

◆ tm_min

◆ tm_mon

◆ tm_sec

◆ tm_wday

int pg_tm::tm_wday

◆ tm_yday

◆ tm_year

◆ tm_zone

const char* pg_tm::tm_zone

Definition at line 46 of file pgtime.h.

Referenced by _fmt(), abstime2tm(), localsub(), score_timezone(), and timestamp2tm().

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