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spgChooseIn Struct Reference

#include <spgist.h>

Data Fields

Datum datum
Datum leafDatum
int level
bool allTheSame
bool hasPrefix
Datum prefixDatum
int nNodes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file spgist.h.

Field Documentation

◆ allTheSame

◆ datum

◆ hasPrefix

◆ leafDatum

Datum spgChooseIn::leafDatum

Definition at line 56 of file spgist.h.

Referenced by spg_box_quad_choose(), and spgdoinsert().

◆ level

int spgChooseIn::level

Definition at line 57 of file spgist.h.

Referenced by spg_kd_choose(), spg_text_choose(), spgdoinsert(), and spgist_name_choose().

◆ nNodes

int spgChooseIn::nNodes

◆ nodeLabels

Datum* spgChooseIn::nodeLabels

Definition at line 64 of file spgist.h.

Referenced by spg_text_choose(), spgdoinsert(), and spgist_name_choose().

◆ prefixDatum

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